On this particular morning shooting Cape Town, I found myself taking more notes than ever, knowing that deep rust red lips, spider lashes and neutral shades around the eyes were, somehow, universally palatable.

The truth is, whenever I get asked for a makeup tutorial I always seem to land up at Clinique headquarters with assistance from makeup artist, Lynn, to create just the look to inspire.

The olive-skinned, greened-eye exotic beauty lounged seemingly in a black studded leather jacket awaiting her beauty transformation- needless to say she even needed one. Meanwhile, ten metres away, I was crouched much less glamorously with my monster of a lens capturing the behind-the-scenes moments of the beauty creation.


Instead of seeking discovery in newness, I quite like the idea of seeking out the newness in existing environments. With that being said, we found ourselves being unconditionally inspired by Cape Town summer nights.

A glossy skin with minimal texture accompanied by a simple wash of deep bronze shades around the eyes with an extenuating cat-eye.

A touch of contour applied to emphasize a defining cheekbone added to a slightly-darker-than-classic deep plum lip for a flattering modern touch.

This enticing dream leaves you with a sense of romanticism and a touch of 90’s grunge that is undoubtedly perfect for a summer evening out and about.