The Italian greeting that has since not left my vocabulary due to recent events at a fashion editorial shoot I styled starring none other than dreamy international model, Martina Nicolleti from Milan, Italy.




We had spoken indirectly through fashion photographer Martina Monti whom had contacted me to work on a collaboration a few weeks back leading up the the decision to shoot a minimalist editorial series together.

The Clifton 4th beach picturesque backdrop laid a bliss as Martina took centre stage on rock formations with clean cut, raw, layered on layer silhouettes from this seasons most recognized designers on the runway including The Row, Louis Vuitton and Dion Lee- just to name a few.

My motto as everyone seems to know it as is “Reduce, reduce, reduce.” I often think of fabric when sourcing pieces as I let the material do the talking. Witchery, the brand I am sure many of you must be familiar with, seem to always translate best at that with their basic, tailored and understated pieces that bespoke the true essence of minimalism.


STYLING // Tima Bdair

HAIR & MAKEUP // Zanna Berry

PHOTOGRAPHER // Martina Monti