Today marks exactly 10 months; 304 days; 7296 hours on a vegan whole food plant-based lifestyle.

….and to date, it has been one of the best conscious decisions I’ve made for my body, mind and soul.

Choosing and maintaining a vegan lifestyle is never as difficult as people presume it to be. It is simply a means of turning your dietary choices into everyday conscious habits. This means that instead of purchasing, eating and stocking your home with foods that you take little thought about, make the conscious effort to ask yourself, ‘Will this food nourish, balance and restore my body’?

Being a vegan in simple terms means avoiding the consumption of all animal products. This means no meat, no eggs and no dairy. So what exactly do vegans eat then? The answer is quite simple. All the foods that humans were originally designed to eat: vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains.

Many, often question how one survives off just eating from these food groups and this is where society has perceived us all wrong. Starches such as potatoes, sweet potato, corn and rice are the foundation of a human diet, therefore, a vegan lifestyle. We have been brought up knowing that eating ‘carbs’ such as the above mentioned cause us to put on weight, when in fact, these are the very foods that nourish the human body with the nutrients needed to preserve energy, create weight loss, create human satiation and reverse diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cancer and coronary heart disease. These are just the very few benefits of being a vegan.

I am overwhelmed by the requests I’ve been sent from my readers with an interest in awareness in veganism. I’ve decided to address this by visually showing you what a day in the life of vegan looks like.


Cinnamon rolled oats; banana and strawberry toppings; almond milk


Whole-wheat pasta; broccoli; cherry tomatoes; Oil-free pasta sauce


Hearty vegetable stew; quinoa