K A H V E Skin 


K A H V E.


Arabic: / q a h w a /


  1. English translation: coffee

Turkey, a country that uniquely lies partly in Asia and Europe, brings an eyeful of breath-taking architecture, infusion of various cultures and a line up for the ritual attempts to be persuaded to drink a cup of the finest coffee in the world. So much so, that if I found myself nose pressed to skin… a sharp hint of roasted ground coffee beans linger about.

I found myself escaped into the memory upon my introduction to the Kahve Skin Coffee Cinnamon body scrub.

Injecting natures gifted healing ingredients – the alluring coffee and cinnamon scrub is designed to make the skin rejuvenate, combat cellulite and varicose veins, tighten the skin and create a radiant body glow. Made in South Africa, the body scrub contains eco-friendly ingredients such as Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil and Borage oil among the other, known to restore and hydrate the skin to its maximum potential.

Applying using circular motions in areas that you wish to specifically target, let the scrub absorb the skin for about 5 minutes- during this time, you may find yourself in awe with the cinnamon aroma enveloping the senses- before washing the product off with warm water.

The result?

Skin that will leave you walking away with confidence this summer.

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