Granted, I was only supposed to be away from home for three weeks in June, and ended up being away for two months, cruising from continent to continent. If my passport is anything to go by, I would say that I’ve done more flying in the past three months than I have in the previous 20 years of existence. 

But, for all its career growth and worldly experiences, travel does take a resounding toll on your skin and it would appear that skincare is the beauty essential that forms the illusion of having flown First Class i.e. more than three hours of sleep. At the very least.

Given the number of emails I’ve received about the purchasing whereabouts of my much-favoured skincare range, I thought it would be an ideal time to share with you my skin care beauty regime.

In search for new skincare products, which I occasionally try to seek every 6-8 weeks to keep my face guessing, Aloe Unique skincare caught my attention partly due to its ethical and sustainable approach which has been a number one priority since making the switch to veganism earlier this year.

This product has swiftly embedded itself into my skincare routine due to its combination of rejuvenating vitamins and age-defying properties (you have to start young right?), its high quality products at affordable prices and most importantly, that the products are paraben free, alcohol free as well as non-poisonous to both ourselves and the environment.

Here’s my AM to PM skincare pick from Aloe Unique:

Aloe Unique Gentle Facial Wash: This cleanser is a favourite. As I began massaging it into the skin, my face began to feel calm, balanced and radiant without a hit of dryness which is not often the case from other skincare brand cleansers.

Aloe Unique Age Defying Serum: I apply the serum after my facial wash and before my day cream in order for the product to fully absorb into the skin. I’ve only recently considered using age defying products but I’ve learnt that the sooner you begin, the better. This serum is packed with vitamins and nutrients that will aid the skin by boosting its natural age-defying defences. Hello to healthy, younger and smoother looking skin.

Aloe Unique Age Defying Day cream: Aloe Unique has the formula down – it makes so much sense to have everyday products that repair your skin at the same time. My skin just loves this moisture and I could see my skin instantly come to life. The product is light, makes you look instantly fresher with a slight sheen and your skin absorbs it so easily which makes it the perfect match to apply before your beauty routine.

Aloe Unique Age Defying Night Cream: Just as I began to think the Aloe Unique Day Cream was a match made in heaven, I was introduced to the night cream moisturiser. This product has severely helped my skin combat dry skin and I believe that is due to its ultra-nourishing formula. Oh and as an added bonus, the product also contains anti-aging properties that further contributes to a younger and glowing you.

Aloe Unique Lip Balm: I’ve struggled to find a lip moisturiser that does the job. This lip balm is a stand out due to its intense hydrating Aloe Forex formula that leaves my lips soft and plump. As an extra benefit, it contains an SPF 15 which is certainly a feature that I am beginning to consciously seek in my skincare products.