With every occasional start to a new week, we’ve experienced having the unanswered question of “What am I going to wear today!?” manifest in our mind. Needless to say, the overflowing cupboard in front of us doesn’t contain the answer of course.

As a style blogger, carefully curating my wardrobe with healthy rotations of elevated basics that keep me looking ‘put-together’ while still allowing me to mix and match with ease, is not only the defining factor of eliminating countless of hours dead faced in front of the closet but also the ease of mind of knowing that comfort and style lay only a few feet away. 

Trust Topshop to take the checked trend and transform it into a perfectly minimal, classic piece. Oversized yet clean and subtle; this Topshop Checked Suit has effortlessly earned its place as a staple in my wardrobe. Style Tip: Be prepared to throw any notions of proportion out the door, you’ll thank me later.

The key to shopping the look?

Stick to muted or monochromatic tones with minimal finishes and clean lines – unfussy, soft and sleek is the name of the game. Pairing it with a basic black jumper matched with tailored black trousers along with subtle accessory detail finishes as I have, achieves the perfect balance between modern and chic.